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Boyle's Law

Analyzing the relationship between the pressure and volume of a confined gas at constant temperature using the Labdisc air pressure sensor.


Candle Flame

Studying the relationship between temperature and color in the three zones of a candle flame. This experiment is performed using the Labdisc Biochem and a thermocouple sensor.


Free Fall

Using the Labdisc built-in motion sensor and a ping pong ball to measure Newton's 2nd Law - free fall acceleration


Labdisc Introduction

Dovi Bruker, Globisens CEO introduces the Labdisc and GlobiLab software unique functionality.


Lenz Law

Studying the relationship between a magnetic field and an electric current in a conductor. The experiment is performed using the Physio Labdisc and its Low Voltage sensor.



Demonstrating microclimates to your students by walking from a busy city intersection to a park using the Labdisc built in GPS, humidity and temperature sensors, together with the iPad for data download, display and analysis.


Sound Wave

Using the Labdisc built-in microphone sensor and a standard tuning fork to visualize a sound wave
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