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Reward Points

Earning* Sci-mart Reward Points

There are various ways of earning Sci-mart Reward Points.

  • Sign-up for an account on and get a welcome 10 Sci-mart Reward Points
  • Subscribe to Newsletter - Get 1 Scimart Reward Point
  • Earn 1 Sci-mart Reward point on every Pound you spend on
  • Rate product - 2 Sci-mart Reward Points
  • Review product - 10 Sci-mart Reward Points
  • Tag product - 1 Sci-mart Reward Point
  • Tweet about a Sci-mart product - 1 Sci-mart Reward Point

Must be logged in customer account to earn points.



Redeem Sci-mart Reward Points

Redeem** Sci-mart Reward Points on buying products, on special offers.


** Minimum Reward Points to redeem is 100
** Maximum value of goods which can be redeemed is restricted to GBP 50.
* You must be logged in your account to accumulate points.
*  Restrictions on earning maximum 2 points on rating products; 20 points on approved reviews; 2 points on tagging product and 2 points on tweets, per day applies.
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